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This is the review of our company. If you believe that this review will not be useful for you, answer a few questions first. Are you a college or university students who hates, fears, or delays delivering your class assignments? Do you face challenges in your classwork to such an extent that you cannot get the grades you wish? If you do, then you are not alone. The reason is that the average college student in any part of the world shares similar feelings and challenges. Some of them face these challenges due to their busy schedules in life while others don’t just have the prowess to get that flying grade. Consequently, many young learners are resorting to external assistance from online service providers. And also, it means that our edubirdie review will be useful.

With the need growing bigger each day, many companies are taking it to the web to fill this increasing gap in the lives of students. One such company standing in the gap between learners and their assignments is this one. But before proceeding, we need an answer to this critical question: “Is edubirdie legit?” What types of services does it offer students and other non-student users? In this review, just as in all other edubirdie reviews, we shall give you a comprehensive coverage of this company. The aim of this review is not to convince you to use or boycott their services. On the contrary, we want to furnish you with the necessary information for informed decision-making. As this review progresses, you will learn more about the following:

  • Services we offer;
  • The features;
  • The paper quality;
  • The writers;
  • Pricing;
  • Pricing
  • Discounts and loyalty programs
  • Its customer support system
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • How it works
  • Our final take

Armed with this knowledge, I believe you will be intrigued to proceed to the next level and learn more about this service provider.

What is

Before proceeding with this review, it is necessary to get a clear understanding of what this firm is all about. Overall, it is one of the many service providers on the Net helping students with their assignments. The enterprise seeks to help students who cannot score high grades even though they could be having the time to do their assignments. Also, it assists those clever scholars who may be too busy or distracted to do their assignments on time. According to any edubirdie review, the firm prides itself on being among the best service providers. Besides, it claims to have some of the best writers in the industry. However, as we take this review to the next level, we shall cross-examine these allegations deeply to establish whether they are facts or inflated marketing gimmicks.

The Company’s Services

Since a company without services and products that benefit users is a mere name, this section of our review examines the scope and type of the services. We will enlist these services as per what captured from its website. This will help you to know what you need right from professional speech writers or any other assignment help you could require. Here are some of them:

  • Term Papers
  • Research Papers
  • Dissertation Composition
  • Coursework Drafting
  • Application Essays
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Research Proposals
  • Speech Composing
  • Book/Movie Reviews
  • Article Review Drafting
  • Case Study Drafting
  • Mathematical Problem Drafting
  • Drafting of Business Plans
  • Creative Drafting
  • Critical Thinking Writing
  • Capstone Project Drafting
  • Scholarship Essay Composition
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Lab Report Composition

Company’s Features


So, which features make this firm stand out or fulfill its mandate as an online student helper? In this portion of our review, just as in all the other reviews you may read, we shall highlight some of them. However, it is important to note that we are just listing what they have posted on its website without endorsing or contradicting them. It is therefore prudent to check yourself and see if they are true or mere marketing claims. Here are some of them:

  • Students pay only after approving their papers
  • Customers enjoy limitless revisions
  • It offers 24/7 customer support
  • A double checking of all papers
  • A less than one-minute response to customer requests
  • Unique papers

Paper Quality by

Quality is at the heart of all services. Therefore, this section of our comprehensive review will closely examine the quality of this company’s writing services. Here, we will give you our analysis based on what users have experienced, and not just what the company says on its website. To test the quality of this service, we ordered for a short-term paper from it. Based on what we saw, the quality of the work was what we desired and expected from the writers. So the credit we would give them in this independent review is that the writer completed the paper well. Also, he referenced it properly and delivered it on time.

Some of the users who have used this company’s products have complained about receiving plagiarized papers or previously written ones just to meet deadlines. This shows that some of the writers in the system either lack the necessary skills for writing excellent papers or they are too busy with other projects. However, these cases are extremely rare and should be regarded as an exception that proves the rule. In any way, to receive the best paper possible, make sure you order it beforehand and allow time for the writer to conduct proper research.

Our Writers


Our thorough review remains incomplete without touching on the company’s writers. The reason why they are central to the performance of the firm is that they are the source of the writing. In this part of our review, we will examine some of the claims the service provider makes about its writers. On its website, we noted the following allegations about their writers:

  • They are more than 200 (but no one can prove whether “more than 200” means 700 or 7000)
  • They can “happily” write essays within three hours
  • All the ones the company showcases on its site have a user satisfaction rating of between 95% and 100%
  • Last and most interestingly, six of the world’s best ranked (top 11) academic writers work on this site! Our search on the company’s website shows that the number 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 are on this site.

The Price

What about pricing on this website? This part of our review will delve into the details of how the company prices its services. According to the information on the website, you can get your paper “as from $18 per page.” This means that the firm has no fixed price. Instead, it uses a free bidding system where you discuss the pricing with your chosen writer. All the company’s writers have their own personal prices based on their academic levels and user rating. This means that you will pay less or more based on your bargaining power.

However, this kind of pricing is tricky for many users. For instance, it leaves no room for introductory discounts for newcomers. Also, it denies regular customers loyalty discounts and programs. This means that a student who wants to use the company’s services on a regular basis will not get the best value for their money. Additionally, this pricing form exposes users to exploitation by exorbitant writers who could exploit buyers who are poor at bargaining. Lastly, it is hard for a customer to know what they will pay next (and plan for it) because they are not sure if the same writer will be available for the next time they need him/her.

Regarding payment methods, the company has several traditional and online options users can use. For those who don’t like the bank system, they can use PayPal. If users want to use the bank card, they have Visa, DiscoverIt, and MasterCard as their available options. Review: Discounts and Loyalty Programs

In this part of our insightful edubirdie review, we look at discounts and loyalty programs. Based on the company’s pricing system, users don’t have access to discounts and loyalty plans. The reason is that the company lacks a standard pricing range against which it can compute discounts for its users. This means that students who are not financially strong may not find this company a suitable partner.

Discounts and Loyalty Programs on

In this part of our insightful review, we look at discounts and loyalty programs. Based on the company’s pricing system, users don’t have access to discounts and loyalty plans. The reason is that it lacks a standard pricing range against which it can compute discounts for its users. This means that students who are not financially strong may not find this company a suitable partner.

Customer Support

Our review will be incomplete without touching on this critical component – the customer support. The reason is that failure to take care of one’s customer is the easiest way to lose the customer. Here, we shall examine various customer support options the company has, and if they are effective or not.

  • The company has an email address for clients
  • It also has a live chat system
  • It allows customers a live chat with their writers
  • Unfortunately, it has no dedicated phone line customers can use to get instant help

But how functional are these systems? According to the experiences of some users, this company’s support system is quite proper. It is a good idea to remain in touch with writers. So, when a user runs into problems with a writer, it is easy to get urgent help from an insider who understands customer support matters professionally.

The Pros of the Service

So far, this review has answered the question, whether the company is legit. Since it is, then we will be fair to the company and highlight some of the pros you will encounter when dealing with it:

  • A user-friendly and intuitive website
  • Various forms of payment methods making it easy for users to pay
  • Users don’t make payment until they are satisfied with their orders
  • Buyers can communicate directly with their chosen writers

The Cons of the Service

Despite all the nice features of the company, it still has its weak sides. In this section of our review, we shall share some of the cons. This way, you will be more objective in your decision-making and get the best out of our reviews. Here are some of the shortcomings:

  • It has no fixed price, meaning the user operates with uncertainty because they don’t know and cannot plan well for their next payment
  • Its loose-ended pricing can expose users to exploitative writers who could take advantage of customers with poor negotiation skills
  • At $18 per page, this service may be a bit expensive to an average student compared to what other companies offer
  • It has no dedicated phone lines users can use to reach the company support staff
  • It is not the best site for users who like enjoying quality and discounts because it has neither introductory discounts nor loyalty programs

How to Order

edubirdie review

Our review will not forget to discuss ordering from this firm. We believe this is necessary if you would choose to use its services. This is how users place their orders:

  • They specify their assignments with deadlines, guidelines, and requirements
  • Buyers choose their preferred writers
  • They deposit the agreed amount for the author to start writing
  • Approve the paper, or ask for revisions before making full payment


Edu Birdie is one of the many companies on the web seeking to help students with their assignments. In this insightful review, we have shared all the details you need to make the right choice – to use or avoid this company’s writing services. We have also answered the critical “Is edubirdie safe?” question to help you choose successfully.

Despite the fact that it may be unpleasant to read about cons and disadvantages of this or that service, and ordering from such a service may seem totally counterintuitive, in fact, it is not. It is better to know all the potential drawbacks beforehand and decide whether you will be able to deal with those if they happen in your case. It is also better to collaborate with an enterprise that honestly reveals all its conditions, instead of promising you something they will not be able to fulfill in the first place.